This page presents some tutorials essentially on blind source separation and its application in astrophysics and cosmology.

Tutorial on BSS and cosmology (SCCC21) :

This tutorial has been built as a quick tour of the basics of blind source separation (BSS) and its application in cosmology. BSS is illustrated with an application to the estimation of the Cosmological Microwave Background from the Planck PR1 maps.

The tutorial is mainly organized as a course which is intended to raise more informal discussions. Illustrations will be given all along the course.

Participants that wish to test by themselves BSS will find user-friendly Python codes (see materials below) that will require the installation of several Python modules prior to the course: ipython (desirable), scipy/numpy, matplotlib, scikit-learn and pyfits. Most of them can be set up with easily using standard porting tools (apt-get, mac port … etc).

Materials :

  1. Slides (should be provided shortly after the tutorial)

  2. Codes and data